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Vocês já viram os OS-tans?

The OS-tans are an Internet phenomenon on Futaba Channel; the OS-tan or simply OS Girls are the personification of several operating systems (OSes), most famously Windows, by various amateur Japanese artists. A pure fan creation, the appearance of each OS-tan is generally consistent across artists. OSes are almost always portrayed as women, the Windows girls usually as sisters, despite sometimes seeming the same age.

The Japanese suffix -tan (たん) is a child's mispronunciation of -chan (ちゃん), an informal, intimate, and diminutive honorific suffix for a person used for friends, family, and pets. In this case, the mispronunciation is used intentionally to achieve the contrived cute or charming effect that is commonly associated with its use by young children. The personifications as a whole are commonly simply called mascots or mascot characters. The "tan" suffix itself means nothing outside its role as an honorific and its implications of cuteness; it is never used on its own. It is also sometimes added to the names of non-mascot characters, such as Sakura from Card Captor Sakura. Normal suffixes including san, chan, and kun are also used with OS-tans depending on the character and the speaker's preference, or omitted entirely.


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