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[en] Trey Parker & Matt Stone on atheism and Richard Dawkins
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Richard Dawkins, South Park Elementary's new evolution teacher.

I've just found out (but sadly I haven't watched it yet) that there's a pair of episodes of South Park satirizing atheism - and Richard Dawkins in special. Here is the plot summary taken from the Wikipedia:


In a few words the story is the following: Cartman can't wait for Nintendo Wii's release date three weeks further and decides to go on suspended animation. He asks Buttons to bury him in the snow and to unfreeze him only after that time's been elapsed.

Meanwhile the operated transexual teacher Mrs. Garrison is forced, against her will, to teach evolution to the kids, however she both hates and does not understands Darwin's theory, which she believes to essentially come down to “five monkeys having butt sex with a fishsquirrel." Hence the school's principal decides to hire Richard Dawkins to teach along with Mrs. Garrison.

Eventually Dawkins and Mrs. Garrison set a date, Dawkins converts her to atheism and they become lovers. The following mornng Mrs. Garrison denounces god to their clasroom and tells Dawkins he's been "too soft on religious people in the past" and that together they could "rid the world of religions and all the violence that they cause"

Three weeks later Buttons decides to unfreeze Cartman and, dressed as Mr. Chaos, asks Dougie, dressed as Mr. Disarray, if anything bad can happen if you freeze yourself and Dougie states that it could kill you. Buttons runs to find Cartman, but an avalanche the previous day has buried Cartman's body even more and Dougie convinces Buttons that Cartman is surely dead and they'd get into serious trouble if anybody finds out.

Cartman remains frozen for 540 years until he's unfrozen by the United Atheist League (In the year 2546, everyone is atheistic and believes only in science, logic, and reason) and immediately asks if they have Wii consoles. Puzzled, they ask him if he realizes that his family and friends have all been dead for 500 years. Cartman doesn’t care, but is distraught when he finds that future people don’t play video games.

Cartman is told that his guardians might be able to find an antique ii from the technology museum and tell him that they think someone in his time has caused an atheist revolution, but before they could tell him who, their headquarter is attacked by an enemy atheist group, the United Atheist Alliance. A battle ensues and the Unified Atheist League are all killed. The United Atheist Alliance take Cartman and contact another group, the Allied Atheist Allegiance, who are super intelligent Sea Otters. The AAA proclaim that the world will soon be theirs, and that mankind must be exterminated "for they are an illogical race that doesn't eat off their tummies".

Cartman cooperates with AAA in orther to retrieve a Nintendo Wii and then manages to head back to UAA headquarters much to the otter leader Blavius' anger. Though Cartman finds out the console is not compatible to the floating TV screens of the future, but discovers the Cranck Pranck Time Phone, which allows people to pranck call the past. cartman plans to call himself and tell him not to freeze himself.

Meanwhle it's learned that richard Dawkins has founded world's atheism and Mrs. Garrison, whom he eventually married, maintained that "Logic and reason aren't enough: You also have to be a dick to everyone who doesn't think like you." As a result, atheism split into three factions. The three groups differ on what they perceive to be the answer to the "Great Question," each believing the other groups' answer to the Question is "illogical" and thus unacceptable.

The Otters have set up false clam fields, which the UAA plans to attack, leaving their own city defenseless from a Unified Atheist League (UAL) attack, thus leaving both the UAA and UAL vulnerable to an attack from the AAA. When one otter — the "Wise One" — asks if the war is truly just, and implies that perhaps it is acceptable to believe in something supernatural and/or paranormal. He goes on to state that there may be more to life than logic and reason, the difference between intelligence and wisdom, and that perhaps believing in God makes God exist. After a brief reflection, the otters brutally kill the Wise One.

Cartman uses the Time Phone to call himself in the past, and later calls Butters and Kyle to convince both to prevent his past-self from freezing himself. He is not believed by his past self or his friends, and his attempts fail. Then he calls Mrs. Garrison, but Dawkins, who's having sex with her answers the phone; Cartman tell's him Mrs. garrison is a transexual and Dawkins gets disgusted and disturbed and leaves. Seeing that Dawkins won't return, Mrs. Garrison reverts to her old ways and calls Dawkins an "atheist faggot" and a queer, telling him to 'have fun mocking God in Hell."

With the split between Garrison and Dawkins, the future world is altered once again. Cartman suddenly finds himself in a room with members of all three factions. In this new version of the future, the three groups are not at war with each other, having gotten rid not of religion per se, but of "all their --isms." Cartman asks if this means that there is no more war, and Blavius answers, "Of course there's war! The stupid French-Chinese think they have a right to Hawaii!" The leaders reveal that Cartman's purpose has been fulfilled (though neither Cartman nor the viewer learn what that purpose was) and he is returned to his own time. He is told as he departs to remember that no single answer is the answer to everything.

Cartman is transported back however, he soon realizes that the future inhabitants sent him back too far, to September, changing his initial waiting time of three weeks to two months. Angry and disturbed he recieves a phone call from himself in the future telling him not to do what he's thinking on (implying he freezes himself once again). Cartman assumes it to be a prank call from Kyle, showing that he learned absolutely nothing during his extensive ordeal in the future and that he's in a continuous time loop he can't escape.

Go God Go
Go God Go XII

The TV episode seems intersting and I couldn't manage to find it in Youtube, yet, I've found those commentaries from Trey Parker and Matt Stone in which they reveal that, despite of making fun of religion everytime they're not atheists as many people think. They mention they have received a phone call from Penn, from "Penn & Teller" pair of magicians, in which he told them he had his heart broken when Parker and Stone commented in a TV interview show that they actually believed on God (I'm writing they because I don't know actually who's speaking in the video, but both seem to agree.)

While trading some e-mails with Penn, they were also reading Dawkins and Harris books on atheism, though according to them Dawkins book looked like that kid in the first grade that tells kids in the kindergarten "There's no Santa Claus, you know, STUPID! How could even Santa Claus go around the world and get into every chimenee in one night?" and he ironically answers "Dude, fucking chill out. You know, we're having fun believing in Santa Claus, relax..." Then they decided to satirize atheism and stated that they wanted to make fun on how bitchy and whiny Dawkins and Harris sounded even if you would read their books and agree with them. In the other side they urged Penn himself to write a book on atheism because talking with him was much better, cooler and they've learned more than reading the afore mentioned books.

There's a comment from a viwer of Youtube to which I kind of agree: "Penn is a better, more optimistic atheist than Richard Dawkins, who is a REAL arrogant asshole."

Watch the videos with Parker & Stone's comments in here:

What do you guys think?

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Re: [en] Trey Parker & Matt Stone on atheism and Richard Dawkins
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Mrs. Garrison teaching evolution

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Now with a little help of Richard Dawkins

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