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« Online: 18 de Maio de 2006, 08:21:14 »
Rhyan, I think you will hate this!  :histeria:

New federal guidelines ask all females capable of conceiving a baby to treat themselves -- and to be treated by the health care system -- as pre-pregnant, regardless of whether they plan to get pregnant anytime soon.

Among other things, this means all women between first menstrual period and menopause should take folic acid supplements, refrain from smoking, maintain a healthy weight and keep chronic conditions such as asthma and diabetes under control.

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Re: [en]"Pre-pregnant"?!??
« Resposta #1 Online: 18 de Maio de 2006, 09:39:08 »
it makes perfect sense from the the pro-zygote point of view. Actually, is the least expected as coherence with this point of view.

(if it´s implied that they are sexually active and minimally informed of how pregnancy occurs... OR if they really believe that virgin birth is likely)


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